Set-up company in Singapore

Incorporation of new company in Singapore

With our broad reach across industries and functions, we speak our clients’ language. We breathe the air they breathe. We understand their businesses and know what the next thing need to be done is.

We help individuals and companies to explore new horizons, manage and sustain growth, and maximize profit.


Our Company Formation and Business Setup Service is dedicated to helping aspiring entrepreneurs and businesses navigate the intricacies of starting a new company. We provide comprehensive support and guidance throughout the entire process, from inception to operational readiness, ensuring a smooth and legally compliant launch.

Least time to establish a company in Singapore
More time for your business

Remote Registration

You don’t need to come to Singapore to complete the procedures. Establishing and managing a business can now be done entirely, even if you are in Vietnam.

Digitization of Information and Documents

Managing and operating a company in Singapore has become easier with all information digitized.

Experienced Team

Our team of consultants, well-versed in the Singaporean market and laws, will provide valuable advice to help businesses achieve their goals.

Business Monitoring

Not only do we assist in establishing the company, but VietCham also closely monitors the operation process to provide support at every stage of your business’s development.

Legal Transparency

All legal documents, establishment costs, and business accounting are transparent and ensure legal compliance.

Sharing Knowledge

We share knowledge and provide specific advice tailored to the needs of your business for well-informed and optimized decisions.

Add-on Services

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Preparation of consolidated management accounts and UFS$1,500 ++
Enrollment and 1-year charge for the Singaporean .sg domain (Special Offer)$100 ++
1-year access to a Singaporean mobile number for business purposes (Promotion)$400 ++
Singapore trademark registration (class of service)$1,000 ++
Vietnam trademark registration (the first class of service)$1,500 ++
Vietnam trademark registration (the subsequent class of service)$1,000 ++
Singapore 5-star registered address service$3,000 ++
Form IR8A$250 ++
Processing fee for GST registration$1,000 ++
Processing fee for GST quarterly report$250 ++
Monthly bookkeeping service (with quarterly GST preparation and submission)$500 ++
Quarterly bookkeeping service (with quarterly GST preparation and submission)$500 ++
Certificate of Confirming Incorporation of Company$100 ++
Filing Financial Statements in XBRL format$500 ++
Fee to Facilitate the Opening of a Neo-Bank Business Account$1,000 ++
Payroll service (Monthly)$50 ++
Payroll service (Annually)$500 ++
Changing company name$300 ++
Fee to Facilitate the Opening of a Singaporean Bank$1,000 ++
Changing Shareholder, excluding Stamp Duty$300 ++
Two-way translation (non-technical, 300 words/page)$80 ++
Two-way translation (technical, 300 words/page)$100 – $150

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