Paving way for Vietnamese Organic Farming & Products

Over the years, organic farming in Vietnam has expanded steadily, driven by increasing demands for safe and organic food by Vietnamese consumers. However, the sector still faces significant challenges which need to be addressed in order to ensure sustainable growth.

Organic farming emphasises importance to protecting biodiversity, balancing the natural ecosystem as well as maintaining and enhancing human health in all phases from farming, processing, distribution to consumption. Organic farming does not just only include policies, laws and measures on industrial, agricultural and urban management but also philosophies and moral principles to ensure a stable balance, sustainability of the ecosystem and life on planet Earth. Across the world, there are over 25,000 large enterprises operating in organic farming in 120 countries. Nowhere else has seen faster growth of the middle class and wealthy populace than Asia, especially China, North Asia and the ASEAN.

VietCham Singapore in partnership with Singapore Association for Sustainable Agriculture (SASA – and Vietnam Agriculture Start-up Club has organized an event “Paving Way for Vietnamese Organic Farming & Products” in Ho Chi Minh City on 6 August 2017 to propose a new strategy for local organic farming.

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