Below Committees constitute the backbone of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce, providing members an exclusive platform to connect with peers and leaders in the industry, share business insights and exchange current industry issues.

  1. Regional and International Trade Committee
  2. Banking & Finance, Investments and Tax Committee
  3. SME and Entrepreneur Committee
  4. Legal, Immigration & Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Committee
  5. Information and Communications Technology Committee
  6. Education, Training and Human Resource Committee
  7. Supply Chain, Transportation and Logistics Committee
  8. Agri-trade, Agri-tech and Agri-food Committee
  9. Textiles and Garment Committee
  10. Healthcare, Travel and Hospitality Committee
  11. Property, Construction and Materials Committee
  12. Food, Pharmaceutical and Packaging Committee

For more details about our Committees, activities and membership, please write to us